Ways to get involved

There are many ways for people to get involved with our Trust including becoming a member, volunteering, being involved with the League of Friends and with Trust-wide and service specific projects.

Becoming a Trust Member

Having a wide membership of local people, including patients, service users, carers and staff, means that we are better able to listen and respond to the views of the local communities we serve. Anyone over the age of 11 can become a member. Membership is FREE of charge and obligation. You can have as much involvement as you wish. Please see our Trust 'Membership pages' on the related information section of this page for more information and to how to join.

Becoming a Trust Volunteer

We have a wide range of volunteers working across our Trust services. Please see our 'Volunteer page' on the related information section of this page for more information.

League of Friends

The Leagues of Friends are voluntary organisations supporting the work of hospitals and other services. Our Friends provide much-needed equipment and resources for the benefit of patients and staff through the income raised by volunteers. Please see our 'League of Friends' page on the 'Related Information' section of this page for more information.

Opportunities to Get Involved

We recognise that some individuals want to participate in the shaping of Trust services because of their first hand experience and desire to make a positive difference. Please see our 'Opportunities to get involved' page on the related information section of this page for more information.