speech therapy

Speech & Language Therapist - Shaftesbury

What does it do?

Speach and Language Therapy for Adults

Service Delivery Area

Westminster Memorial Hospital

What are the service opening times?

Tuesday Morning Weeks 2 and 4

How can I refer?
[For appropriate professional/clinical referrers only - service users please see below]

GP Referral to Salisbury District Hospital

What functions/treatment and therapies are offered?

Assessment, advice and treatment for speech, language, communication, voice and swallowing difficulties

Which types of illness/medical condition does the service treat?

Adults with acquired neurological disorders e.g. Stroke, progressive disorders (Voice disorders) and stummering.

Who will I see?

Sarah Nicholson

As a patient, how do I access services?

GP Referral to Salisbury District Hospital

How can I get involved / what support groups are available?

Ask at reception or discuss with Speech and Language Therapist

Do you have information for Carers?

A small selection of leaflets available. the Speech and Language Therapist will give specific information to carers if appropriate

Where, when and how often are the clinics?

Westminster Memorial Hospital Out Patients Department

Tuesday Morning Weeks 2 and 4

Who can I contact to find out more?

Reception 01747 851535

or SLT Department 01722 345571