My Health My Way

My Health My Way

It can be difficult for people with long term health conditions to always feel in control of symptoms, manage changes to their lifestyle and digest all the information they are given.

My Health My Way can equip people with a long term health condition with skills and information that will help them to manage their condition and make informed choices about the support they require. People will be able to choose from a range of support to suit them including:

  • One-to-one coaching
  • Telephone support
  • Group work
  • Online tools
  • Structured support groups.

It's a support service that aims to help people over come some of the challenges that they may be facing, working with them to develop their confidence.

My Health My Way is a self-referral service, which means you can contact us directly to access our services. We also accept referrals from GPs and other healthcare professionals.

For more information please explore our website: or call us on: 0303 303 0153.