Dorset HealthCare changes guidance on face coverings

13th April 2023

Wearing masks at Dorset HealthCare sites is no longer mandatory.

With the success of the vaccination roll-out, and a reduction in cases of COVID-19, Dorset HealthCare will no longer be asking visitors and staff to wear masks in public and clinical areas, in line with the approach also being taken in local acute hospitals.

Mask wearing will now be a personal choice for anyone working at, or visiting our sites, and masks will still be made available for anyone wishing to take extra precautions.

Masks may still be required in some areas to protect patients who have lowered immunity or respiratory illnesses. These areas will have notices on entrance doors to advise visitors.

If you are unwell with a raised temperature, coughing, sneezing, diarrhoea or vomiting, the advice to avoid coming into Dorset HealthCare buildings remains.   

Staff will continue to observe good hand hygiene and wipe down all shared spaces, in line with infection control recommendations, to minimise the spread of infections within a clinical environment.

Professor Dawn Dawson, Chief Nursing Officer said: “Thank you to everyone for following the previous guidance and wearing masks for such an extended period of time.

“Patient safety remains our priority and we will continue to take precautions in line with infection prevention and control guidelines to protect all visitors, staff and patients.”

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