Dorset HealthCare leader in top 50 chief executives list

24th March 2021

Dorset HealthCare Chief Executive Eugine Yafele is included in the Health Service Journal’s (HSJ) list of the top 50 NHS Chief Executives this year.

Eugine, who has worked for Dorset HealthCare since 2014 and has a background in mental health, took up the role of chief executive in February 2019.

A panel of judges considers three main criteria in creating the list:

  • The personal example set by the chief executive - covering their leadership style and behaviours including approach to mentoring and developing staff, being inclusive, how they work with their board, and their standing among their peers and personal qualities
  • The performance of the organisation they lead, given the circumstances it is in – most trusts need to improve in one or more of these areas and the chief executive should be taking the lead in addressing issues and ensuring standards of care for patients are maintained
  • The contribution the chief executive has made to the wider health and social care system - this could include leading local health and care systems, taking on a national role or spearheading local improvements. This includes how they worked within their local system through the pandemic and on recovery.

In just over two years at the helm, Eugine has played a leading role in the ongoing success of Dorset’s Integrated Care System (ICS), which is considered a leader nationally.

He has led the organisation through the challenges of the pandemic, continuing to fly the flag for the Trust’s vision to be better every day despite the difficulties teams have faced.

He has found new ways to connect with and learn from staff, including tea and talk sessions on Microsoft Teams when it’s not been able to visit in person, and has been working with a member of the cleaning team for reverse mentoring sessions.

Eugine said: “It’s a real honour to be named on the HSJ’s list. But actually it’s an accolade for the whole Trust and the Dorset health and care system. A leader is only as good as the people they lead and we have such a fantastic team at Dorset HealthCare and across our partner organisations.”

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