Fundraising run says “thank you” for post-natal care

28th June 2021

Husband and wife Chris and Natalie Wasley have donated almost £900 to the Dorset HealthCare-run mother and baby unit (MBU) in Bournemouth after completing a 10k run.

The couple, from Surrey, decided to take on the fundraising challenge after Natalie was supported at the Florence House inpatient unit in Westbourne when she experienced postpartum psychosis following the birth of her son Dean.

Postpartum psychosis is a serious mental health illness that affects around one in 500 mothers after giving birth, and requires specialist treatment.

Natalie and Dean stayed in the MBU three times and, despite Natalie’s illness, the family has many fond memories of the unit. Chris said:

“When Natalie was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis it was completely unexpected. And although it was the most frightening challenge we are ever likely to face, the care provided by the team at Florence House for my wife and son was amazing. We will be forever thankful for everything they did for us.

“After starting our training only in January, we were very proud to complete our 10k running challenge in the name of postpartum psychosis and to thank those that supported us.”

The couple recently popped back to Florence House to present a cheque for £871 and donate a hamper of goodies to mums currently on the ward.

Hannah Maxwell-Harrison, Clinical Team Leader at Dorset HealthCare’s Perinatal Service, said:

“We were delighted that we could provide the support Natalie and Chris needed when they had their son. Congratulations to both of them on successfully running 10k and raising awareness of postpartum psychosis.

“The couple’s kind donation and gift is such an incredible act of generosity and compassion. It has genuinely touched the whole team, and I want to say a big thank-you from all of us.”

The couple have raised a total of £1,742 to date, and have split the funds equally between the Dorset MBU and national charity Action on Postpartum Psychosis, who also supported Natalie and Chris. If you’d like to donate visit JustGiving.

Dorset HealthCare’s perinatal service provides specialist care for women experiencing postpartum psychosis and other mental health problems during pregnancy and up to one year after giving birth.

For more information visit the Perinatal Services page on our website.


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