Response to a decision by the Bournemouth Borough Council Planning Board

21st November 2018

The Planning Board (19 November 2018) deferred its decision on the proposed expansion of mental health facilities for young people on the Alumhurst Road site (also known as the Herbert Hospital) until members can visit the site.

Dorset HealthCare Chief Executive Ron Shields said: “We were very pleased that the councillors on the Planning Board understood the need for new mental health facilities for young people. The Pebble Lodge Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit on the Alumhurst Road site is nationally recognised for its high quality care. It has a Care Quality Commission rating of Outstanding.

“However, we need another 10 beds to avoid young people being separated from their families and sent as far away as Manchester for months at a time. Dorset HealthCare will do everything it can to work with the Planning Board and we look forward to them visiting the site.

“The facility has to be on this site because that is where the existing facility is and it would be a tragedy if the national money available for this development in Bournemouth were to be lost. The government is giving £8 million to build the extension to Pebble Lodge and a further £3 million a year to run it.

“If the development does not happen the money will be lost to Dorset and young people in Bournemouth will have to be accommodated long distances from their families.”

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