Have your say on our new Quality Priorities

24th January 2019

As a Foundation Trust, we are required to identify a set of Quality Priorities every year and outline how we are going to evidence and measure progress against them. You will find the proposed Quality Priorities for 2019/20 below.

In order to track how we are doing, we also need a set of indicators for each of the priorities. We want to know whether you think the indicators proposed below are useful for tracking how we are doing against each priority.

Once you have read over this information, please share your views by completing this short survey by 10 February 2019.


Proposed indicators

Patient Experience

To be an organisation that learns from the captured experience of patients, families and carers and hears the voices of those that are harder to hear.

  • To be an organisation that has a process to capture the experience of families and carers around end of life care
  • To improve patient experience of transition and joint working between the Steps to Wellbeing Service and Community Mental Health Teams
  • To ensure the child/young person's voice and lived experience is understood, recorded and acted upon to improve their health outcomes
  • To be a part of the Always Events national programme to test what is important to patients and family members and to continue to use this to improve experience

Patient Safety

To enable staff to proactively identify and mitigate where patients or service users are at risk of avoidable harm.

  • To increase awareness of domestic abuse and ensure staff are supported and enabled to act effectively and promptly in response to domestic abuse
  • To broaden the suicide prevention strategy for all people accessing our services
  • To be an organisation that works closely with other health and social care organisations to provide a person-centred approach to their admission
  • To continue to support our staff in the early detection and management of deterioration in adult inpatients

Clinical Effectiveness

To enable clinical staff to use their professional judgement when assessing patients and users of services when developing personalised care plans.

  • To ensure all our wards are providing clear therapeutic interventions for patients
  • To ensure care plans reflect known plans for the patient
  • What Matters Most: To increase the use of personalised care plans and professional judgment based assessments in all services to include the voice of the patient or service users
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