Volunteers' Week - a time to say thank you

2nd June 2021

Naomi Vol-040.jpgDorset HealthCare would like to say thank you to all its volunteers for being a valuable part of the organisation. 

It has been especially hard for many this past year and our volunteers have not being able to do the normal volunteering roles and feeling the bite of isolation.

But so many of our volunteers have stepped up and helped when we needed them with such a range of activities. 

Whether you were sewing and making various items, undertaking deliveries for patients who were isolating or making phone calls to others who were feeling lonely, all these selfless acts are what make the people who volunteer so very special.

As we move down the road of recovery and our services welcome back volunteers where they can, we know people’s circumstances may have changed and whilst many of our volunteers are keen to get back to the roles they love there will be some that have reasons for choosing not to return.  We do understand, and if this is the case please just let us know so we are aware by emailing dhc.volunteers@nhs.net

Find out more about being a volunteer on our web page.


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