Community led communications project

Let's talk about COVID-19 vaccines 

a community intel led comms and engagement project.

Our aim

To undertand how members of the community, in areas of low vaccination uptake in Dorset think and feel about the COVID vaccine. Theming these findings from what people told us and adding them together with data from a local dashboard, other local insights together with what we know nationally and regionally around enablers and barriers. Helping to better inform our communications and engagement approach for the Dorset autumn/winter campaign 2023.

What we did

We went out into our areas of highest deprivation and low vaccine uptake across Dorset to understand peoples views of the vaccine and barriers to access.
From February to June 2023 we:
• Attended seven engagement events with the wider community working alongside trusted faces in the community.
• Spoke to people attending 12 different pop up vaccination clinics
• 1 dedicated focus group of service users who have accessed multiple physical and mental health services in Dorset.
• Received 23 survey responses from a QR code on our posters. 

What we learnt

COVID 19 is a low priority

Due to other conflicting needs such as rising costs, family needs, housing and social issues, combined with the narrative that COVID 19
is no longer a threat people feel that this is not of concern.

People want more information

The facts and stats seem less available resulting in people feeling COVID locally is less of a concern. People want informati on don’t dial it down, to be able to make a decision for them selves. Receiving information from trusted leaders and peers in the community is very important.

Concerns around side effects

People are worried how the vaccine will affect their medication for ongoing mental health and other conditions including the frequent change in vaccine being used.
Confusion caused by misinformationUnsure of eligibility words often used such as ‘at risk’ & ‘immunosuppressed’ are confusing and it is unclear what conditions me an you can or cant have the vaccine.

Access including healthcare in general  

Vulnerable and harder to reach populations feel they h ave less access to healthcare and may have a level of distrust in healthcare.

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