Moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences, especially if you don't know the area. Here at Dorset HealthCare, we understand that moving can be a struggle and so we have given you some key points and information about moving house. We also have a moving checklist - you can complete this form and use it when moving house.


Relocation Expenses

As part of our relocation package, you can claim up to £5,000! For further information, please see our Relocation Expenses Guidance.

Key Worker Accommodation

Key workers can apply for accommodation at Parkstone House at Poole Hospital.

If working at Poole Hospital send application to: Accommodation@poole.nhs.uk

If working at a location other than Poole Hospital send application to: Helen.Stringer@sovereign.org.uk

Application Forms:

If staying for 5 days or less please complete the 'Short Stay Application Form'.

If staying more than 5 days please complete the 'Long Stay Application Form'.

Need a little extra help? Try our Moving Checklist.

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