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Here at Dorset HealthCare, we want to make sure our staff are happy and looked after. We offer a wide range of services for staff including our Health & Wellbeing service, CareFirst, Free NHS Health Checks and many more.

Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing is about the relationship between health and work, and between work and health.

We work with both the Trust and you to minimise the effect work can have on your health whilst trying to ensure that your health doesn't adversely affect the work you are employed to do.

We support the Trust in its core objectives and also promote the health of staff by direct health promotion activities, and indirectly through influencing Trust policies that both improve and protect employee health.

If you feel your health has been affected or made worse by your work or you have health problems that interfere with your work you can ask your manager to make a management referral to the occupational health service or you can seek confidential advice by contacting our nursing team.

As well as our clinics in Dorchester and Bournemouth, our nursing team regularly visit most Community Hospitals, where we can offer a vaccination service to staff as close to their place of work as possible. The clinical team comprises specialist occupational health nurse practitioners, occupational health clinic nurses, occupational health physicians and a physiotherapist.

NHS Health Check


The NHS Health Check is for adults in England aged 40 to 74, who haven't had a stroke and don't already have heart disease, diabetes or kidney disease. Also excluded are people who are being prescribed statins or who have previously had an NHS Health Check, or any other check undertaken through the health service in England, and found to have a 20% or higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease over the next 10 years.

The Health Check is completely free of charge, including any follow-up tests or appointments that may be required.

Care first

for the life you live

Care first is a free service we offer to our staff. Care first provides confidential, impartial advice and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

All Counsellors are members of and accredited to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Care first have a Telephone information and advice service and Care first Zest and Lifestyle online services.

Although provided by your employer, care first services are completely independant and any contact is treated in confidence in accordance with the BACP ethical framework.

Further details of this service are available on the Trust Extranet.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Dorset HealthCare not only supports a wide range of Mental Health Services, we also provide mental health support for our staff. We want to take a positive stand against mental health stigma and discrimination in the workplace.

Existing staff can find out more on our Staff Intranet.

We are now a smokefree Trust

Dorset HealthCare has now gone completely smokefree, and is offering all members of staff who want to stop smoking all the help and support you will need. This includes providing you with up to 12 weeks-worth of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products.

E-cigarettes are permitted on all Trust premises as long as they are outside.

Do you want to quit smoking? Use this Cost Calculator to see how much you could save by bidding cigarettes goodbye.

Enjoy the sun safely!

Most of us are keen to make the most of the glorious weather we've been experiencing this year, but whether your're planning a staycation or holidaying abroad, it pays to be sun savvy:

  • spend time in the shade when the sun is strongest (in the UK that's between 11am and 3pm, March - October)
  • make sure you never burn
  • cover up with suitable clothing and sunglasses
  • take extra care with children
  • use at least factor 15 sunscreen

Find out more about sunscreen SPF and star ratings, how to protect your eyes and moles, how to deal with sunburn ... at NHS Choices.

Drink, drugs and driving!

If you drive after drinking alcohol or taking drugs, your ability to drive may be impaired:

  • slower reaction times
  • erratic and aggressive behaviour
  • poor concentration
  • false sense of awareness and understanding distances
  • poor coordination
  • more likely to take potentially dangerous risks
  • blurred/double vision and dizziness
  • tiredness

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