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Dorset HealthCare Trust Bank was set up in April 2004 in order to enable the Trust to cover staffing shortfalls in its mental health services. In 2013, the Trust Bank expanded to include all of the community hospitals. Trust Temps provide cover for admin and clerical roles.

The Trust Bank are a team that offer flexibility of work in both hours and locations, a bank agreement could be your main or secondary role. At Trust Bank and Trust Temps, we want everyone to flourish and be the best they can be. We’re really proud of the support we offer through wide-ranging programs for learning and development.

You can choose the location and shift pattern that are right for you and you won’t be tied into contracted hours, so you can work to suit your family and other commitments. Dorset HealthCare uses electronic rostering which gives you even more freedom to work when it suits you. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access the system on a PC, smart phone or tablet.


As well as competitive pay rates, you’ll be eligible for many of the benefits of permanent staff, including:

  • Pension contribution
  • Holiday pay
  • Unsocial hours enhancements (where applicable)
  • Union representation (subs payable)
  • Paid mandatory training
  • Role-specific training
  • Either weekly or monthly pay

We have a dedicated team of administrators available. The team is always happy to help with any queries you have about bookings, pay, training or anything else relevant to your role. Gain NHS / Trust experience by moving around different areas of the Trust and check out our weekly newsletter Roundup, which has a link to all our vacancies, so you can see all the opportunities which might interest you. Remember: you are not contracted - you are not obliged to accept any of the shifts the team offer you, so if you want some time off, take it!


Trust Bank
Dorset HealthCare
Sentinel House
4-6 Nuffield Road
Nuffield Industrial Estate
Poole, Dorset
BH17 0RB


01202 277222 (Trust Bank)
01202 277152/071 (Trust Temps)

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