Celia Millar - Public Governor for Poole

As a young person from Poole who has been schooled in Bournemouth I can offer a young person's perspective on access to quality care in Dorset. Having spent time volunteering with the young and old, each with their own diverse needs, I can appreciate the high value of a skilled and caring workforce. I am studying sciences and I understand the imperative of life long learning and the huge advantage that Dorset can exploit through its partnering links with organisations such as Bournemouth University. My own research in to medical ethics has lead me to be curious and open to learning about the delivery of healthcare and the Trust's Sustainability and Transformation Plan.

I have strong personal qualities of compassion, commitment and a willingness to work as demonstrated through my work as a waitress in one of the busiest restaurants in Bournemouth. With a local perspective I can offer an enquiring and open mind and a willingness to learn. Volunteering for the local Rainbows group and in an elderly care ward, as well as being at "the coal face" when it comes to the issues faced by people my own age has taught me that communication is key and listening skills are equally important and I would bring this understanding to my role as governor.

✉ Email Celia - celia.millar@nhs.net

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