Karen Loftus - Staff Governor

I care about the experience staff have working for us and want them to feel valued and proud to work for the NHS. So that patients / carers feel safe and confident in their care and treatment. I want to represent staff interests as members of the Trust. A recent staff survey indicated some feel a disconnect with the Board. So I would like to work with the Board and Council of Governors to forge a bridge to help support effective two way communication.

I bring enthusiasm and a positive approach to this opportunity. Working for many years in a leadership role, in health, local authority and for charities, has honed and toned my communication skills. Experience of previously being a trustee of a national charity will also support this role. I currently lead on public, patients and carers engagement along with volunteering and carers support. So I work hard at being organised and managing my time... some days better than others!

Members of the Council of Governors