Pat Cooper - Staff Governor

As a Hospital Services Manager I have the privilege of working with clinical and non-clinical staff in many teams and hear a wide range of viewpoints and experiences to bring forward to discussions and decision making by Governors and the Board. One of my priorities is that non-clinical staff: admin, catering, housekeeping, IT, estates / maintenance, are clearly recognised and valued as equal partners in the delivery of quality and compassionate care to patients. It’s important that these teams, as well as their clinical colleagues, are championed at Board level and that information comes back down the line to keep everyone aware of current perspectives and thinking.

I believe your staff governors are going to have an important role to play in representing your views and interests as we face a period of unprecedented change. The Clinical Services Review, Sustainability and Transformation Plan and Accountable Care System for Dorset herald changes for all of us. Staff governors will be there to inform discussions, seek assurances and feedback what we learn. We’ve grown in confidence to work as a team, ask pertinent questions and build relationships with Board members. I would like to continue as a Staff Governor, attending Council and Board meetings, holding nonexecutive Directors to account for the performance of the Board and working in partnership with the Trust to shorten the distance between patients, frontline staff experience and Board understanding.

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