Paul Boseley - Public Governor for Dorset/Rest of England & Wales

My 20 years in public health and extensive background in senior management at director level, both in public and private bodies, will allow me as Governor to work effectively with the Trust. I believe the Trust can continue to deliver excellent healthcare for Dorset by balancing the requirements of increasing numbers of elderly residents with the needs of families and young people.

After 20 years in public health I retired as Deputy Director of R&D In Public Health England (PHE). During this time the organisation went through several transitions from independent agency status as PHLS through HPA to PHE, now part of the Department of Health. PHE's responsibilities are wide, and include infectious diseases, radiation, through to obesity and diabetes. This background will provide me with a good understanding of the remit of Dorset Healthcare Trust. During my professional career I have been responsible for tight budgeting, planning, and funding. Like the Trust, I needed to work with external agencies and sat on several inter-agency committees. My doctorate is in Molecular Biology and I was a Visiting Professor at Warwick University for 22 years. I believe that the Trust could benefit from the use of such centres of excellence.

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