Terry Purnell - Public Governor for Bournemouth

Having had a management career in the commercial world dealing with hospitals working for a major European company as Northern Director, I was involved with all levels of the NHS from Patients to Board members. I visited Hospitals in Germany and France and utilised their knowledge in the projects I worked on here in the U.K. While working for the charity Help and Care I ran courses for unpaid family carers. I also created and ran courses for staff at Bournemouth County Council and Dorset County Council who were unpaid carers. In 2007, I organised the ‘Speak Out’ conference, which also launched the Foundation Trusts of Poole Hospital and Dorset Healthcare. I facilitated for the Department of Health the consultation ‘YOUR HEALTH, YOUR CARE, YOUR SAY’ for the White Paper in 2009. My other consultations were Pensions and Nuclear Energy. I was a Governor of Poole Hospital Foundation Trust from 2007 to 2016 and a Trustee of Carers U.K. from 2012 to 2015 At Poole, during my final term, I chaired the ‘Future Plans and Priorities’ group dealing with the CCG’s plans for the Clinical Services Review.

My Qualifications are Marketing M.C.I.M. and Senior Management M.B.A.(Harvard) and in 2011 Institute of Education when I achieved level 4 NVQ at Bournemouth College. I would like to use my knowledge and experience to help the Trust over these challenging times.

✉ Email Terry - terry.purnell@nhs.net

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