John Bruce - Public Governor - Bournemouth

Why do you want to be a governor?

During my previous period as a Governor I saw that the wider community was poorly represented. I didn't then or now have any other involvement with the NHS, but the strong feeling that the "outsiders" view needed a voice has not gone away.

What skills do you feel you could bring to the role?

As a returning Governor I understand the duties and responsibilities that I would be expected to make. I didn't re-stand for election a couple of years ago because of work pressures but this is now under control and I can commit the necessary time to the role. I am an IT Project engineer with managerial responsibilities working in a highly regulated industry for over 20 years. Understanding how change impacts people at all levels and needs attention at the outset is just as important as the system that's delivered. I am also staggered at the level of understanding of Mental Health Issues in the workplace. I am a Mental Health Champion at my workplace and brought it a long way, but all the other Companies I work with are still in the Dark Ages. I only became aware because of my involvement with Dorset Health Care and we as a Trust need to promote this more.

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