John Dallison

John Dallison.jpgElected for two years 2021.

Why do you want to be a governor?

I am very enthusiastic about the position of Governor and am confident that my skills and experience can provide real benefit to the trust. Really do want to help in the strategy of local health and services in our community. One of my key passions is mental health and wellbeing, we need to ensure that both physical and mental health are treated with the same priority. Encouraging and engaging at all levels the importance of individual wellbeing. Emphasising that this is a significant part of both physical and mental health recovery. One of my other passions is the environment and what I could do to provide guidance on energy efficiency. What can be implemented now and over the next few years. I am fully aware of cost savings having recently implemented such in my workplace. Any long term savings would of course increase resources availability for the healthcare of the community I would therefore love to apply my skills, expertise and passion towards the trust and membership. This would obviously include steering/challenging the board and council where necessary on policy decisions effecting the NHS and the community.


What skills do you feel you could bring to the role?

My key skills are in the areas of compliance and continual improvement, including implementation of policies and processes for Quality, Information Security, Environmental and Health and Safety. Actively engaged in community, volunteering and charity work, including engagement and membership of mental health organisations.


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