Pete Kelsall - Staff Governor

I have held the role of Staff Governor since September 2011. I find it a position which make use of my position of Head of IT Operations to be a voice from the staff back to the management. I am well connected with a large amount of the Staff Membership of the Trust and feel I can if elected continue to represent them well. I am a Dorset man, born and bred and am passionate about the Dorset area, its people and its health services.

I have been a member of staff in the IT Department in Dorset NHS trusts since 1998. have been a staff governor for 6 years and have learnt and developed in the role a great deal during this time. My role as Head of IT operations since November 2016 became one where I manage the everyday IT Support for all users across the county and beyond. I feel that I bring honest and worthwhile input to the Council of Governors, the Board and the trust.

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