Scott Porter - Public Governor for Poole

I want to have a greater say in the delivery of Healthcare in Dorset. I want to make sure that everything possible is done to keep the highest standards for the people of my home town and Dorset as a whole. As I work for the NHS I understand the

difficulties in delivering services within the current climate of austerity and I would like to help.

I use the NHS and have experience of processes as a family member of a patient which I always try to bear in mind. We do what we do for the patients and end users of the NHS. I am a professional Project Manager working for the NHS so I have an understanding of the internal issues and pressures that the NHS is under. I hold an MSc in Project management which includes management of risk. I am comfortable with the committee process both as chair and a contributory member. My CPD includes qualifications In management, Information governance, Sustainability, Equality and Diversity, Customer care and I am a mindfulness practitioner. Most importantly I have a genuine desire to improve the outcomes for the people who use the NHS and their families.

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