Dorset's Draft Suicide Prevention Plan

Suicide Prevention is high on the agenda and a key part of the Mental Health Five Year Forward View and every area across the country is expected to have a Suicide Prevention Plan published by the end of April 2018.

Suicide has a profound effect on families, friends and local communities and across Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole an average of 70 people a year die as a result of suicide and so Dorset CCG and partners are pleased to introduce the Suicide Prevention Plan.

The Suicide Prevention Plan is a high level plan with key themes taken from the National Suicide Strategy. Each organisation signed up to this plan will develop their own Suicide Prevention Plan targeting their areas of influence. Each organisation will then report progress through the Crisis Care Concordat working Group. It will be reported up through the CCG. Integrated Community Primary Care Service (ICPCS) Board and to the Health and Wellbeing Boards. Please note the plan seen here is a working draft that will be finalised by 30 April 2018.

Work on this plan will support the national intention to reduce the number of suicides and importantly will reduce the number of deaths by suicide in Dorset. Across Dorset there is strong commitment to delivering this plan and delivering it in partnership. Once published and finalised the partnerships will be strengthened and formalised to ensure that the reach of the plan is as wide as possible.

A draft copy of the plan is available here

Partners of the plan include:

  • NHS Dorset CCG
  • Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • NHS England
  • Dorset HealthCare NHS Foundation Trust
  • Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner
  • Bournemouth Borough Council
  • Public Health Dorset
  • Dorset Mental Health Alliance
  • Dorset Mind
  • Dorset Police
  • Dorset Mental Health Forum
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