Practical and social information

Post-traumatic growth

'A positive change experienced as a result of the struggle with a major life crisis or event'.

Greater appreciation for life in general:
• more meaningful relationships
• deepening spiritual life
• sense of personal strength
• change in priorities.


Get professional advice:

  • apply as soon as possible
  • take a copy of any forms you complete
  • local Citizens advice bureau
  • Diverse Abilities (Disability Wessex) 01202 718266
  • Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

Social care entitlement:

  • following brain injury, you may be entitled to social care
  • different levels of need (critical and substantial needs)
  • direct payments
  • carer’s assessment (anyone is entitled to an assessment yearly

Other services available to help with tenancy difficulties:

The importance of leisure time

What do you currently do? What would you like to be doing? What are the first steps in doing this?

Social groups



You may be eligible for:


Many people after a brain injury retain most of their driving skills, although it may take a while to recover

Many symptoms can affect your driving:

  • concentration
  • memory
  • reactions
  • ability to control temper
  • complex information.

There are legal requirements. If you have had a brain injury that could affect your fitness to drive, you must inform the Drivers Medical Unit of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA).

Tell your insurance company about your injury. Your GP will be able to provide advice and you can get an independent assessment. You may have your licence withdrawn. With your permission, the DVLA will consult your GP or consultant and decide whether you are fit to drive.


Returning to work

Consult a health and disability employment adviser (HDEA) at your local job centre. There is a variation of support available:

  • access to work grant
  • permitted work
  • vocational rehabilitation – vocational services
  • community employment services.

Other options include:

  • retraining
  • alternative employment
  • adult education
  • voluntary work
  • local voluntary bureau’s
  • disability discrimination act.



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