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Information for General Practitioners (GPs)

Please see all about our Acute Back Pain Service here.

Please see our Pathways & Guidelines section to download helpful information on each area of the body, including diagnosis and appropriate pathway of treatment.

Dorset Musculoskeletal (MSK) Services is your first-line orthopaedic service in the community.

Our team of orthopaedic practitioners provide a comprehensive, primary care orthopaedic service. We offer a choice of local clinics across East and West Dorset. This means that we strive to provide treatment in centres close to patients' home or place of their choice.

We strive to see patients within two weeks of receiving your referral.
This is important to us, as we are helping to reduce secondary care waiting lists and therefore reducing overall costs of treatment.

Dorset MSK is well placed to support cost-efficient primary care into the long term, as musculoskeletal demand in the community grows -due to a number of factors, including the aging population.

If your patient has difficulty with attending due to transport problems, please see our transport page which fully explains Patient Transport Services (PTS) around Dorset and how they can access these services.

We offer your patients a high-quality, accessible service. Your patients are given plenty of time to discuss their problem in a consultation. They are given a thorough examination and once a diagnosis is made, treatment where appropriate, may proceed.

Further to our own treatment, we have access to a wide range of resources and quickly arrange appropriate further interventions when necessary. For acute back problems we have in place our Acute Back Pain Service, to help people return to work / normal function quickly, after an acute episode. This service aims to offer patients a number of modalities to reduce their pain and fears of injury, following a back pain episode. See the Acute Back Pain Service section for more information.

We always write back to you with a full report explaining the clinical findings and treatment plan. We also keep you informed throughout the patient's journey.

Where referral to an orthopaedic consultant is required, we inform you of this and write to the consultant surgeon without delay. Your patients are given choice and everything is fully explained.

Please see the section above labelled 'Your Appointment': This details the complete process from referral through to treatment.

Dorset Musculoskeletal (MSK) Outpatient Physiotherapy