Current rotas

Untitled design (16).png“It’s a rewarding role every day as we are able to help people get the right care in their time of need, sometimes even saving lives. At the height of the pandemic we had hundreds of callers in a queue but as a team we all worked brilliantly together to manage the load and get each other through."



To give you a flavour of our shift patterns and staff rotas, we have linked our current rotas below, based on a full-time position of 37.5 hours per week or a part-time positions from 18.75 hours a week. However, we also offer a range of hours in between too.

Our rotas work on a rolling basis where the hours worked over the course of the weeks average out to equal your contracted hours.

Relief is included in some rotas and the figure given within a rota is the number of hours due to be worked that week. Relief is allocated six-weeks in advance.

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