Our 111 service

If you are seeking variety with lots of job satisfaction and the knowledge that you are doing something that is valued, then we would love to welcome you onboard!

To receiving great training, having the support of a strong team, as well as enjoying the many rewards that working for the NHS has to offer, this is a fantastic way to kickstart your career in the NHS.

Whether you’re an experienced health professional looking for a different role or are passionate about excellent customer service and providing high quality patient care, this role could be the perfect opportunity for you to make a real difference in people’s lives. The 111 service is so vitally important:
  • providing a 24/7 telephone and online service
  • acting as the first point of contact for local patients and their relatives when they require urgent medical advice
  • helping people get the right care in their time of need and sometimes even saving lives.
If you share our passion about providing the very best possible support for others and want to carve out a career that you can shape then read on – this is more than just a job.

Current vacancies

We run regular campaigns and will need to close the vacancies to manage the applications. If there isn’t a live listed vacancy below, do set up a Job Account as this will make your application easier and you will be notified when a vacancy is live again.

Meet some of the team


Meet Patrick

"My role involves taking referrals for patients who need on-going care from our community teams once discharged from hospital or referred by a GP, community nurse or paramedic.

This can range from providing occupational therapy and physio to wound care and palliative end-of-life care. Patient referrals come through via phone or email and I will gather relevant information to propose how we can best support that person, which is checked by a clinician before being finalised.

I’m really proud of what I do as it makes a difference to local people. I often am dealing with referrals of patients who are in a bad way, struggling at home and are not sure what their options are. I love that our team can change that by working together and finding the right solution to make patients feel comfortable and supported in their own home.”


Meet Shelley

"I've worked as a lead auditor for the team for five years, where I create support plans for team members, ensure everyone receives constructive feedback, make sure all audits are fair and accurate, and write monthly reports, amongst many other tasks. 

I work hard each day to make a difference to the community through constantly improving the 111 experience.

What I love most about my role is seeing the team develop and improve. In turn this effects the overall patient experience and it makes me proud to know myself and the team are contributing to improving the 111 experience and patient safety."



Meet Vanessa

"My role is all about directing patients to the service they need within the right time frame. This could be to an out-of-hours doctor, an emergency department or even a dentist.

The role requires flexibility and using resources efficiently and effectively, sometimes directing patients to alternative support if another service is under pressure.

It’s a rewarding role every day as we are able to help people get the right care in their time of need, sometimes even saving lives. At the height of the pandemic we had hundreds of callers in a queue but as a team we all worked brilliantly together to manage the load and get each other through."

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