Mental health

Information for staff

Admission pathway.pngCommunication passport poster.pngCommunication tips.pngCommunity learning disability teams.pngEasy read checklist.png

Admission and assessment forms

Action plan - with faces.pngAction plan - with thumbs.pngAnger - what makes me angry.pngCare passport - This is me.pngCommunication support form.pngCoping skills - what helps me to calm.pngGoals to get me home.pngMy story - why am I in hospital.pngIntroduction to ward.pngMeeting notes.pngSafety questionnaire.pngSteps to wellbeing leaflet.png

Communication resources

Hospital communication book.pngBasic needs.pngFood and drinks.pngMaternity.pngPain.pngTest and treatment.png

Welcome booklets

St Anns welcome booklet.png