Health information and checks

Easy read appointment letters.pngAppointment cards.pngBarium meal test.pngBarium swallow test.pngHaving your blood pressure taken.pngHaving a blood tests.pngHaving a blood test.pngHaving a blood test 3.pngFasting blood test.pngBowel cancer screening.pngBreast screening.pngBreast screening - having a mammogram.pngA guide to examining your breasts.pngBe breast aware.pngCervical cancer screeningCervical cancer screening 2.pngCervical screening - having a smear.pngColonoscopy.pngHaving a CT scan.pngHaving a CT scan 2.pngGoing for a CT scan.pngDoctor - talk to me.pngDoctor appointments.pngEndoscopy.pngGetting your eyes tested.pngHealth check invite.pngPre health check questionnaire.pngPre health check questionnaire 2.pngHaving an MRI scan.pngHaving an MRI scan 2.pngVisit to the practice nurse.pngTesticular self examination.pngTesticular self examination 2.pngHaving an x-ray.pngWhat is blood pressure.pngFlu vaccination.pngWhat is health.pngNose bleed.pngWhat is postural care.png

Physical health