Workforce Data

Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust Workforce Data

This area is populated with the required information on our workforce, in order to ensure that we have enough evidence to inform decisions. The suggested areas are listed below as a helpful guide.

An equality profile of staff to helps us to understand key equality issues in our workforce, including any evidence of pay gaps or ‘occupational segregation’ (the latter refers to staff with certain protected characteristics being over-represented in particular roles, for example, women as cleaners, or at certain grades). In addition, it is likely to be useful to collect and consider information, appropriately disaggregated, about:

  • recruitment and promotion
  • numbers of part-time and full-time staff
  • pay and remuneration
  • training
  • return to work of women on maternity leave
  • return to work of disabled employees following sick leave relating to their disability
  • appraisals
  • grievances (including about harassment)
  • disciplinary action (including for harassment)
  • dismissals and other reasons for leaving.


Equality & Diversity