Future mental health

We are thrilled this investment is part of a wider Dorset New Hospitals Programme (NHP) investment across the three participating Dorset NHS provider organisations, spanning eleven site-based projects which is estimated at £507.25m. The East Dorset Mental Health Campus is one of the eleven site-based projects with the lead organisation for delivery of the project is Dorset HealthCare .  The investment will help to deliver improved mental health services for children and adults, enabled by modern, fit for purpose buildings and technology.

Using government funding, we are planning to create an acute mental health centre of excellence across our sites. Our project includes a brand-new in-patient ward meaning:

  • local people can get treated sooner
  • care takes place in a modern, purpose-built and safe environment close to home.

The plans for Dorset HealthCare propose:

  • adult Mental Health (AMH) provision
  • additional inpatient beds
  • replacement and refurbishment of inadequate inpatient accommodation
  • male and female adult psychiatric intensive care unit (PICU) beds
  • a Section 136 suite (‘place of safety’) for detention under the 1983 Mental Health Act
  • a child and adolescent mental health services psychiatric intensive care unit (CAMHS PICU).

If you have any questions, please email dhc.communications.team@nhs.net

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