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ORCHA logo.pngWelcome to the Our Dorset Digital App Library, powered by ORCHA (Organisation for the Review of Care & Health Applications).

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Dorset Clinical Commisioning Group (CCG), Our Dorset and Dorset Healthcaret have collaborated to bring you ORCHA, the world's leading digital app library to help support your health and wellbeing.

ORCHA’s review engine and clinicians tests apps against 300 criteria across clinical assurance, data and privacy, and usability and accessibility.

It reviews around 500 apps every month, including automatic re-reviews of apps when they are updated. You do not need to sign up to access the library.  It is free to browse and use.

You use it much like Google, but feel confident that any health and wellbeing app you download has been thoroughly tested and scored by ORCHA for your peace of mind.

Your health professional also has access to the library and, by using their professional licence, may recommend apps directly to you.

Another advantage is you will be able to look up and see the scores of the apps you already use. We recommend that apps scoring less than 65% are not used.  You can search for a more and clinically appropriate app yourself, or speak to your health professional, who will be able to help you.

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ORCHA is part of Dorset’s digital strategy to support you to receive high-quality care that you would happily recommend to friends and family. You an find out more on the Our Dorset website


  • empowers you to manage and improve your health by optimising care outcomes
  • a vast array of apps to choose from, ORCHA helps you understand the best and most trustworthy apps
  • quality and safety by giving you accessible information that is reliable and accurate due to a robust evaluation process
  • improvement to your experience as a patient
  • providing re-assurance through its review process
  • improved access to services using a different approach via self-management information for health, care and wellbeing. 

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