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Get into healthcare support

Dorset HealthCare has teamed up with The Prince’s Trust to support young people getting into the NHS and health and social care across Dorset.
Whether you are looking at healthcare support worker roles, apprenticeships, administration positions or many others within the sector, we want to be able to help you be the best candidate for each job you apply to, with an inside track from people within the organisations that you will be applying for. We can assist you in the following ways.

Employability days

Employability days are a full day packed with information on the NHS, insights into available live job adverts, assistance with applications as well as the opportunity to have a mock interview and top tips from health and social care employers.

We focus on parts of applying that can often be a barrier to young people joining the health and social care sector and provide three months of assistance after the day to help each candidate find a role that suits them.

Example of an employability day




Welcome and Introduction to the day  

-          Layout + expectations


Get to know the NHS – Trusts, ICS’s and how things work!


Drinks Break – chat


Job Adverts  -skills gathering

-          Looking at job advert examples and real vacancies

-          Identifying personal experience + how it relates to varying job descriptions and person specifications




Resilience and mindsets in applying and Jobs

-          Looking at how to mentally be in the right place for the uncertainty of job searching


Application basics

-          Creating Trac accounts

-          Identifying suitable roles of interest

Interview Top tips

Application writing and Mock Interviews

-          Spending some time with the team to have assistance with writing your application

-          10 min mock interviews with feedback


Round table learnings + Conclusion

-          Follow on assistance



1-1 mentoring

Our 1-1 mentoring works for 18-30 year olds – starting with a get to know you chat, exploring the different interests you have and the opportunities that health and social care have to offer. We then help find you roles that suit you, proof read any applications and supporting information before keeping in contact throughout the application process.

Application writing for the NHS

Have you ever looked at a job advert and not known where to start? Opened the application and it felt too overwhelming or long? In these workshops we can look over job descriptions, person specifications and everything you need to feel confident to fill in the supporting information on each and every application.

Interview practice

Whether you have had any assistance with the application or not, we are also here to help you prepare for interviews.

Connie Hayes.jpg"I joined Dorset HealthCare as a way into the NHS and a starting point for my goal of becoming a paramedic.

"Being a health advisor is a unique challenge as every call you take is completely different."

Connie Hayes

111 health advisor

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