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The Recovery Education Centre (REC) is delivered in partnership between Dorset HealthCare and the Dorset Mental Health Forum, a local peer led charity. We offer a wide range of educational courses across Dorset which focus on recovery and wellbeing. 

We believe people and communities hold their own solutions and through working in partnership everyone can realise their own unique potential. Our courses are free to attend and are open to anyone over the age of 18 years living in Dorset. Our vision is to provide a learning space that is accessible to all, available to people with personal experience of mental health difficulties and those accessing mental health services, as well as carers, friends, family, supporters and staff.


How do I access recovery education?


During our term time we run a programme of free courses, both webinar and face to face, these are opportunities to share learning with others. 

Our spring term commenced in mid-January and will run through until the end of March. You can find our spring term timetable along with our current course descriptions document on our courses page. 

To attend any of our courses you first need to complete your registration and enrolment


We have a variety of learning materials and resources available including podcasts, worksheets and videos. These can be found in our Learn online section, which we regularly update and where you can search for resources by topic.


REC News

WordCloud Leaf (2).pngWe have been celebrating 10 years of the Recovery Education Centre in Dorset. On this leaf is a collection of words shared on our reflective anniversary courses by existing students. Below are a few 6 word memoirs in response to the question 'What have you learnt with us?' 


"I have a life worth living"


"With new skills I can cope"


"I learnt vulnerability is a strength"


To find out more about our celebrations and how to contribute take a look at our get involved page. 



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