Dorset Recovery Education Centre

COVID-19 pandemic service update: offering group sessions as well as webinars, videos and podcasts. Tailored support is available for those unable to access online.

How do I access Recovery Education?

We have different online learning options including podcasts, worksheets and videos. Examples of topics covered include:

This month we are running an introductory webinar so that you can see the format of webinars. Date: 15 October 2020; 1.30pm-2.30pm.

For more information about the REC and to enroll as a student please contact the team on 01202 584478

If you would like to access resources ‘offline’ please contact us to explore the options.

Your personal Recovery learning journey may include:

Understanding different mental health diagnosis by sharing experiences. Our webinars provide a chance to hear other people’s experiences of their understanding of living with a diagnosis.


Unusual Experiences webinar

07 October 2020


Exploring Bipolar webinar

21 October 2020


Find out a bit more in our Podcasts about Bipolar or Autistic Spectrum condition might help too.

What are early warning signs and how can you begin identifying your own personal signs.

Early Warning Signs webinar

08 October 2020


Looking at routine and sleep can help alongside considering new bitesize skills such as comfort zones or grounding can help when thinking about what to do if you notice any of those early warning signs.

What are my values?

It can be useful to discover or reconnect with your values and think about how they support wellbeing. Our webinar starts this discussion off.

Values Enhanced webinar

22 October 2020


Study Groups:

An opportunity to share personal narratives, listen to others and to discuss resources.  

Recovery: Finding your own path

13 October 2020


The Discovery Project is hosting a webinar for Parents and Carers of young people (under 18s) to explore an understanding of the impact of mental health for young people and how to support them.  

20 October 2020


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