Youngsters learn that hospital visits can be fun

11th March 2016

A group of schoolchildren enjoyed X-ray vision during a visit to Wimborne’s Victoria Hospital.

Year One pupils from Wimborne First School were invited to the community hospital, run by Dorset HealthCare, to help inform their learning about the body and the importance of exercise, hygiene and general good health.

More than 50 children, aged five and six, were given a tour of the radiology unit – where they were able to X-ray a lunch box, a pencil case and a Teddy bear named Hazelnut.

Subsequent ‘diagnosis’ revealed the contents of the pencil case as well as the radiological appearances of healthy fruit and sweet treats in the lunchbox. Oh, and Hazelnut was given a clean bill of health.

Radiology Services Manager Iain Luscombe said:

“It was a great opportunity to extend the hospital's relationship with the school and local community. The children were introduced to the X-ray department and the hospital in a fun, educational way, which will hopefully reduce any anxiety if they ever have to visit again to receive treatment.”

Wimborne First School Year One teacher Rebecca Drake added:

“It was a great visit – the children absolutely loved it. It really brought to life some of the things they have been learning in our ‘healthy me’ lessons, and made them realise that hospitals are not scary places.”