Poole woman shares mental health story and urges others to seek help

9th October 2023

This World Mental Health Day (10 October), a Poole resident says her positive experience of local NHS counselling can be a beacon of hope for others who are struggling.

Steps2Wellbeing is the NHS Talking Therapies service for adults over 18 who are registered with a GP in Dorset.

Some people are uncertain how counselling for common mental health issues can help them to feel better, emotionally, and mentally, and can be reluctant to seek help.

But NHS Talking Therapies and the treatments they offer like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), online courses, self-help and counselling are proven to be very effective in helping people to cope with problems such as anxiety and depression.

Emily Downing, 21, from Poole was sceptical of counselling at first, but is now urging people to make use of the service. She said:

“At the start of this year I was feeling very low, hopeless and had very high anxiety, so my GP recommended that I contact Steps2Wellbeing.

“I had very low hopes and expectations, as I was offered treatment online that I had doubts about. IPR PICTURE.png was apprehensive as I didn’t see any good reviews online. But I was wrong and that’s why I want to share my story to help someone else out there.

“Steps2Wellbeing has been a very helpful service to improve my anxiety and mental wellbeing.

“I am so much better, and this is thanks to my lovely therapist. The skills I was provided with are very beneficial, and I still use them day to day to help lower my anxiety.

“I would urge anyone else who is struggling to contact Steps2Wellbeing – you will be thankful you have done so. Without the help I have received, I would still be at square one.”

Kirsty Calder, CBT Therapist at Steps2Wellbeing, added:

“Emily’s story is helpful to share, as some people who could really benefit from talking therapy treatments can be reluctant to try them.

“If you are struggling with symptoms of anxiety and depression like feeling sad, stressed, hopeless and not doing what you used to enjoy, please reach out to us.

“We are a free, NHS service with professionally trained staff who can help you to get on top of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.”

People can refer themselves to Steps2Wellbeing online, over the phone or by using the Wysa digital assistant on the website.

Visit www.steps2wellbeing.co.uk or call 0800 484 0500.


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