Dorset HealthCare and Attend Anywhere video consultations

We’re always looking to give our patients and healthcare professionals flexibility about where and when they ‘attend’ a clinic.

We’ve been offering video consultations using Attend Anywhere for the past year and it’s making a real difference. Between January and mid-December 2019 there were 1,410 video consultations with patients on their computer, tablet or phone in the comfort of their own home, at a time that suited everyone.

People are using Attend Anywhere to access a range of services, including mental health, pain management, speech and language therapy, learning disability and neurology.

Video consultations save everyone travel time and money. There are no parking issues and no getting stuck in traffic (meaning it’s loads better for the environment too). This also means there’s less worry about how to get to a clinic, no need to take time off of work (have an appointment in your lunch break) and no problems arranging childcare.

Attend Anywhere is completely confidential and secure. The calls cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Patients and healthcare professionals are positive about our video consultations:

“It’s really easy to use Attend Anywhere and join a video consultation. You get sent the link, open the internet, enter your name and start the call. I really can’t see any disadvantages.”

“If the option of a video call wasn't there I think I would have struggled to keep up with the sessions on a regular basis.”

"It has the advantage over the telephone that we can see each other and read facial and body language cues. It negates the need for the patient (or the therapist) to travel - an important factor when working with patients with long-term physical health conditions."

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