Specialist assessment and rehabilitation

Specialist assessment and rehabilitation

The acquired brain injury rehabilitation service (ABIRS) provides specialist help and guidance for individuals who have experienced a brain injury (e.g. traumatic brain injury, brain tumor, brain infection or other acquired brain injury; certain types of stroke in exceptional circumstances).

People with an acquired brain injury and their families receive a caring and personalised program of rehabilitation.

A person may experience different challenges during their recovery and the tailored therapy program aims to help with the restoration of the best level of independence as possible.

Who are the team members?

The acquired brain Injury rehabilitation service is made up of a team of dedicated professionals with a range of specialist knowledge and skills:

  • service manager
  • clinical lead
  • clinical and neuro-psychologists
  • occupational therapists
  • physiotherapists          
  • rehabilitation assistants
  • assistant psychologists
  • speech and language therapists.

You may be seen by more than one person in the team, depending upon your needs.

How is the rehabilitation provided?

You may be offered a range of opportunities to help meet your needs:

  • individual work
  • group work
  • signposting or referring to other services
  • reviews of your progress (with one or more professionals).

 Rehabilitation may be offered face-to-face, via telephone or video-based methods.

The aim is to help you achieve the most optimal level of independence.

Your rehabilitation program comes to an end when:

  • you have achieved your goals
  • you are working towards your goals on your own or with help
  • it has been established that your on-going needs can be supported by another service
  • there are obstacles preventing you from working towards your goals at the present time.

 What happens at the end of the rehabilitation?

Before ending your programme you will have a meeting with your healthcare professional and this will give you the opportunity to:

  • review your goals
  • complete some questionnaires
  • explore information about other services you may want to access in the future.


Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service