How referrals are made to the dietitian

Any trained healthcare professional can refer to a dietitian. We have referral criteria for adults and children as a guide for the types of referrals we will accept. There is a separate referral form for adults and children.

After we have triaged and accepted the referral, the patient will be sent a list of our clinic venues. They should then ring to make an appointment at a clinic of their choice. We aim to see new patients within 18 weeks of referral.

First appointments are usually 30-45 minutes long and, if necessary, a 15-30 minutes follow up appointment may be booked.

The dietitian will work with the patient/carer/family to agree dietary changes. We will write back to the referrer advising what has been agreed. Patients can receive a copy of these letters on request.

Please speak to your GP or healthcare professional if you would like to see a dietitian.  If you meet our referral criteria they can refer you to our service.