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Download our NEW Prospectus and Summer Term Timetable for 2017


We have a new format:


Annual Prospectus - with course descriptions

Summer Term 2017 Calendar - an overview of courses running throughout the term

Summer Term 2017 Timetable - provides information as to where courses are taking places during the Summer


All of the above documentation can be found and downloaded to the right of the webpage.


The Dorset Recovery Education Centre is being delivered to you by Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust and the Dorset Mental Health Forum (a peer-led charity). This partnership between the two organisations forms the Wellbeing and Recovery Partnership (WaRP). The aim of the WaRP is to change the culture of mental health services and people’s attitudes to mental health and wellbeing in Dorset. 

Providing education to people who access services, their supporters and staff who work within these services is a key vehicle in

‘transforming people’s experiences and unlocking their potential.’


What is The Recovery Education Centre (REC):

The Recovery Education Centre provides education and training, focusing on self-management, self-determination, choice and responsibility. The courses offered are available to people with personal experience of mental distress, those who access mental health services, their carers/supporters, friends and family, and also for staff members who work alongside people suffering periods of ill health.

The focus is for individuals to recognise and develop the skills they need to live the lives that they wish to live.  The REC will do this initially and primarily by giving people a framework within which they can understand their experiences and how they manage their own recovery. 

All of the courses are co-produced and are co-delivered by a Peer Specialist and a Health Care worker. Combining expertise by experience and professional expertise we aim to model true partnership working and provide comprehensive training. 

The Aims of the Recovery Education Centre (REC):

  • To provide people with the tools and skills to self-manage, through the partnership of expertise by experience and professional expertise.
  • To enable people to take control of their lives and be able to move beyond mental health services and mental illness.
  • To improve service outcomes in relation to both personal recovery and clinical outcomes.
  • To improve people’s experience of mental health services (including those who work within them and carers and supporters).
  • To enable people to make the best use of mental health service’s.


(Although we speak of the REC as a centre, the courses are delivered in various venues within the community stretching across the whole of Dorset.)


How can I attend the REC?

There is no cost for attending the courses offered by the Recovery Education Centre, however you do need to be over the age of 18 year and living in Dorset. If you would like to discuss in more detail our inclusion criteria please do make contact with us.

In order to attend one of the courses that we have on offer through the REC, you must be registered. To register you can fill in our online Registration Form alternatively, you can download the Registration Form found on this webpage, and post it back to us.

Once you are registered with the REC, you can then enrol on the courses that you’d like to attend.

If you have any difficulties Registering with the REC then please contact us on 01202 584478 or send an email to where a member of our team will be able to help.


Courses Offered

The courses offered have been designed to empower people to find hope, to see and embrace opportunity through building skills and gain control by putting these skills into practice.


The Summer Term 2017 is running from May through to July. We are offering courses throughout Dorset including:

Introducing Recovery

Understanding Depression and Anxiety

Mindful Living

and Developing a Crisis Plan

Some of the courses are one off sessions, whilst others are spread across several weeks. For more information on each course contact our team.


Get Involved:

The Recovery Education Centre is keen to hear your feedback about the REC, but also the courses offered.

For more information about the REC and attending a course please contact us on:

Phone: 01202 584478 or 07787 836708,

or email

Our opening times are between 9.30am and 4.30pm.