COVID-19 vaccination service

Bournemouth COVID-19 vaccination centre.jpgBournemouth COVID-19 Vaccination Centre

Book your slot now! If you are aged 18 or over, you can book your appointment on the NHS national booking system or call 119 to book.

There are a number of ways you can receive your COVID-19 vaccination in Dorset, including through your local GP, your local pharmacy or at the COVID-19 vaccination centre in Bournemouth, which opened on 18 January. 

Dorset HealthCare is running the COVID-19 vaccination centre based in the Purbeck Hall at the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC). We will offer a small number of walk-in appointments each day, but making an appointment will guarantee you a slot at a time convenient to you.

Parking in the holiday season

The roads in Bournemouth are likely to be busier over the summer. While a number a number of spaces in the BIC car park will be kept for use by people visiting the vaccination centre, we cannot guarantee you will be able to park there.

If this is the case, alternative parking spaces are available in Avenue Road and the Winter Gardens car parks, both run by BCP Council and a short walk from the BIC. We would also recommend you download BCP Council’s Beach App, which will keep you updated with up-to-the-minute traffic reports and car park capacity, and help you avoid ‘hot spots’ in the area.

Please factor in  the likely extra traffic when planning your travel and parking arrangements, to make sure you arrive for your vaccination appointment on time.

Before you leave home

If you have any symptoms which could indicate COVID-19 please DO NOT attend - you can rebook your appointment.

Make sure you bring:

  • your booking confirmation - this may be a letter, an email or a note you have made of the booking reference
  • your NHS number
  • a note of any regular medication you take
  • if you are a health or social care worker - proof of eligibility and photo ID
  • a mask or face covering, which you will need to wear while in the centre (if you forget your mask we will provide one).
Who should or shouldn’t come with you
  • if you have a carer or require support to help you get around the site, you may bring one person with you. We also have volunteers who can assist on-site
  • you may bring a support dog but pet dogs must stay at home
  • please do not bring children with you as this can cause disruption and pose infection control risks.
If you are pregnant

We can now vaccinate pregnant women at the Bournemouth vaccination centre if they have discussed having the vaccination with their healthcare professional.

Getting to the vaccination centre

The Bournemouth International Centre is on Exeter Road, Bournemouth BH2 5BH. The vaccination centre is in the Purbeck Hall which is at the back of the building on the West Cliff. You cannot access the vaccination centre by the main front entrance of the BIC (see below: arriving at the centre).

COVID-19 vaccinations at Bournemouth International Centre

By car

Follow the brown tourist signs for the Bournemouth International Centre.

The BIC multi-storey car park is accessed from the roundabout at the bottom of Priory Road. This car park has 644 spaces and is a cashless public car park so you can only pay by card at the machines when you leave. The current charges are £1.70 for an hour or £3.20 for two hours. You can find more information on charges on the BIC website. If you exit the car park on foot at level 4 you will be on the service road which takes you to the Purbeck Hall entrance.

The nearest council-run car parks to the BIC are:

Disabled parking and access

Dedicated free disabled parking for the vaccination centre is available on Level 4 of the BIC car park and there is a pedestrian exit from the car park on this level.

You can drop off someone attending for their vaccination at the Purbeck Hall entrance (bottom of Beacon Road). There is no parking in this area so you will need to park elsewhere before returning for pick-up. Taxis can also drop off here but there is no waiting.

On foot

The BIC is a five-minute walk from Bournemouth Pier and a 10-minute walk from Bournemouth town centre. If you approach the Purbeck Hall from the Bournemouth Pier direction, walking along the clifftop path, you will see the centre on your right. If you approach from the main entrance of the BIC you need to walk round the right side of the building to reach the Purbeck Hall entrance.


There is an area to lock your bicycle to the left of the main entrance to the building as you stand outside it. You will need to walk round the side of the building from there to the Purbeck Hall entrance.

Help travelling to your appointment

Anyone who needs help to get to their vaccination appointment can contact their council’s COVID-19 helpline. Both Dorset Council and Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council are offering support towards the costs of a taxi journey to local vaccination appointments for those who need it.

To speak to someone about the travel support available:

When you arrive at the centre

Access to the vaccination centre is via the Purbeck Hall entrance at the back of the BIC, not the main entrance foyer. The rest of the building is closed due to coronavirus restrictions. From the front of the building or the car park you will need to walk up the hill round the side of the building to reach the vaccination centre. For those with mobility issues our volunteers can transport you up the hill in a golf buggy. (See above for access for those who are disabled or have mobility issues).

If you have any symptoms which could indicate COVID-19 please DO NOT enter the building - you can rebook your appointment.

Arrival time and queueing 

Please do not arrive for your appointment more than 10 minutes before the time you have been given. If you are early please wait in your car or somewhere sheltered nearby. There is a limited amount of indoor queueing space and you will not be able to enter early. Depending on the number of bookings there will be quieter and busier times. Please bear with us as we work hard to get you through the centre as quickly as possible.


There is access to toilets in the vaccination centre before you enter the main vaccination hall but not beyond that. A volunteer can support if you need to leave the queue to use the toilet.

Your appointment

Please allow around an hour in total for your appointment, including queueing, assessment, vaccination and post-vaccination waiting time. For those who have difficulty standing for any length of time we have chairs available and volunteers to assist.

Volunteer marshals will be available outside and inside the centre to support you. There is a strict entrance and exit flow at the centre - please follow the signs and the directions of the marshals.

You may be asked to confirm key information a number of times. This is to double check that you are correctly booked in and we have the right information for you.

You may be asked to gel your hands several times to help protect yourself and others, including the staff and volunteers at the centre. You will need to wear a mask at all times unless you are exempt.

You will be asked to wait for a short while after you’ve had your vaccination to make sure you are well and safe to leave.

After you’ve had your vaccination

You will receive a leaflet detailing the possible side effects of the vaccine you have received. Please make sure you read this carefully.

Protection against COVID-19 from the vaccine takes two to three weeks to kick in. It is very important that you return for your second dose and continue to follow the current guidance to stay at home, social distance, wash your hands and wear a face mask in public places. 


You can find out more about the vaccine and the programme on the NHS website.

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