Sustainability and Transformation Plan

Our Dorset

Towards the end of 2015, every health and care system in the country was asked to come together to create local Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs). These plans aim to build and strengthen local relationships, enabling a shared understanding of where we are now, our ambitions for 2021 and the steps needed to get us there. They are aligned with NHS England’s own Five Year Forward View.

The STP for Dorset – entitled Our Dorset – has been co-developed with local NHS and council partners. It will help us deliver our vision to change our health and care system and provide services which meet the needs of local people and deliver better outcomes. Our goal is to see every person in Dorset stay healthy for longer and feel more confident and supported in managing their own health. And we need to achieve this against a backdrop of rising service demand and increasingly limited financial resources.

The best way to achieve the scale of change needed is for all of the NHS and local authority organisations to work more closely together, planning for and providing services, in partnership, that are stronger, more successful and sustainable. Through the STP, we aim to drive a genuine and sustainable transformation in the health and wellbeing outcomes for the residents of Dorset.

Delivery of our plan means that local people can expect:

  • Improved health outcomes
  • Better patient experiences
  • Same standard of care across all health and care settings
  • More care provided closer to home
  • More information, advice and support to help people stay well
  • More choice about when and where to receive treatment
  • Less travelling time to attend appointments.

As an overarching strategic plan, the STP covers elements of local Health and Wellbeing Strategies, Integrated Community Services and the Clinical Services Review programme – all of which have been informed by the public, patients and wider stakeholders. We remain absolutely committed to actively engaging with as many people as possible in the development and delivery of our STP, so that it keeps patients in control and best meets local needs. We will ensure everyone’s views are taken into consideration.

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