Governors - elections

If you are a Dorset HealthCare member, you are eligible to stand for a governor role.

Governors play a vital role in the work of the Trust and make a real difference by:

  • helping to shape our future strategy and the services we provide 
  • providing feedback on the quality of our services so they can be continuously improved
  • undertaking a number of statutory responsibilities including the appointment of our chair and non-executive directors
  • holding the board of directors to acount for its performance
  • representing the views of members on key issues, and consulting them on the important matters such as proposed service developments and changes.      

Governor elections 2022.JPGDo you care about local health services? Stand as a Governor

Dorset HealthCare, which provides community-based physical and mental health services, is holding elections to its Council of Governors in January 2022. Anyone who is a member of the Trust can stand. For more information, visit our 2022 elections page.

August 2021 elections

In these elections, the following individuals were elected:

  • Jacqueline Wilson (public governors - Poole)
  • Jac Dendle (staff governors)
  • David Roberts (staff governors)
  • Jonathon Williams (staff governors)
  • Malcolm Albery (public governors - Dorset/Rest of England & Wales)
  • Frederick Drane (public governors - Dorset/Rest of England & Wales)
  • John Dallison (public governors - Dorset/Rest of England & Wales)
  • Alexandra Lejeune (public governors - Dorset/Rest of England & Wales).

Thanks to everyone that ran for election and to those that have stepped down after previously holding office. You can find out more about our current governors on our Members of the Council of Governors page.

Useful documents

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