COVID-19 vaccinations in Dorset pass the two million mark

15th February 2023

Dorset Vaccination outreach team Jan 2022.JPGSince the first COVID-19 vaccine was administered back in December 2020, more than two million doses have now been delivered in Dorset.

Around 80% of the population have had primary doses of the vaccine, with more than 300,000 eligible people taking up the most recent seasonal booster. The jab was provided at a range of locations across the county including pharmacies, GP practices, community ‘pop-up’ clinics and vaccination centres.

Dr Ravin Ramtohal, Lead GP for the vaccination programme in Dorset, said: “Thank you to everyone in Dorset who continues to protect themselves and each other from COVID-19.

“As we come out of a particularly cold winter period, the NHS COVID-19 vaccination programme will continue to run a few clinics. Anyone who hasn’t yet come forward for any vaccinations can still get their first and second jabs, and those with severely weakened immune systems are eligible for an additional third primary dose.

“During the remainder of February there are still some adult walk-in opportunities, and throughout the year appointments will be bookable for both adults’ and children’s vaccinations.”

While the current COVID-19 booster vaccination programme has paused, people living in and around Dorset are asked to stay alert to the risks of the virus. There will be updates later in the year about the spring and autumn booster vaccination programmes, which are particularly important for those most at risk of serious illness if they catch the virus.

Dr Paul Johnson, Chief Medical Officer with NHS Dorset said “The COVID-19 vaccination programme is an amazing example of what local health services can achieve by working together for the benefit of local people and is testament to the commitment and dedication of those teams who were involved.

“Although the current booster programme has paused, it is important that those people who are considered at risk stay informed about plans and continue to accept a booster jab in the future if they are offered one.

“Vaccinations play an important part in protecting us from a range of illnesses including flu or in the case of children, measles mumps and rubella or polio and I would strongly encourage everyone to ensure they are up to date in order to protect both themselves and their family and friends.”

For further information on vaccinations please visit and search for vaccinations. If you do not have online access, speak to your GP or health professional at your next appointment.

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