World Mental Health Day: local mental health services for local people

8th October 2020

For World Mental Health Day on Saturday (10 October), Dorset HealthCare is reminding people that a range of support is available for local people if they need it.

This year has been a particular challenging time for people’s mental health, with COVID-19 significantly affecting how we feel and the things we would normally do day-to-day.

Dorset HealthCare has a wealth of information on how to combat COVID-19 anxiety and maintain your mental health at  

And, if you need more formal support, the website also includes information on how to contact mental health services such as Steps2Wellbeing and the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

Clare Hurley, head of the Trust’s Adult Psychological Services, said:

“At Steps2Wellbeing we offer support and advice on strategies to help people manage symptoms of low mood and anxiety, which can both have a negative effect on our daily lives.

“Our website at has lots of resources, advice and guidance to help people. If anyone needs support from our service, it’s really easy and quick to fill out a self-referral form on the website. Treatment might involve a self-help programme to do at their own pace or with the help of one of the team, an online course, or a counselling appointment – via video, over the phone or face to face.” 

Steps2Wellbeing accepts self-referrals from anyone 18 and above registered with a Dorset or Southampton City GP.

Tailored support for young people with mental health issues is available through CAMHS at

 And people of any age who feel they are in, or approaching, a mental health crisis can access 24/7 support by calling the Connection helpline on 0300 123 5440.


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