How we contact patients about research

How we contact patients about research

Dorset HealthCare is a research active Trust. We want all of our patients to have the opportunity to benefit from taking part in research studies as part of their care.

What if I don’t want to hear about research opportunities as part of my care?

If you don’t want to  hear about relevant research opportunities you are free to opt-out of receiving this information. You can tell us about your decision by:

  • In person: tell a member of staff involved in your care
  • By telephone: 01202 443024 to leave a message
  • By email:
  • By post: write to us at the address below including your name, address and date of birth

Research and Development, 11 Shelley Road, Boscombe, Dorset BH1 4JQ

How long will it take to register my preference to opt-out?

We will action all opt out requests as quickly as possible and always within 30 days of receipt.

How are these changes different to the national and GP data opt-out?

Research contact at Dorset HealthCare does not involve the sharing of patient information outside of the Trust, without explicit consent from a patient. Only authorised Dorset HealthCare staff can access patient records, to confirm eligibility to a relevant research study, before contacting the patient, to ask if they would then like to take part.

The national data opt-out differs by providing an opportunity for patients to opt out of their data being used nationally, in systems which allow the disclosure of confidential patient information, across the health and adult social care system in England for “purposes beyond individual care”.

The patient’s preference for national data opt-out is recorded via NHS England. Patients who have chosen to opt out via this process will be excluded from the data used for research at Dorset HealthCare.

The GP opt-out also relates to national pooling of data from GP surgeries in England and this will also be recorded by NHS England.

Whilst attending a consultation with your clinician you may be told about a research project into your specific condition or might see a poster about a research project at your GP practice or one of our clinics that you are interested in. If you wish to take part in the research project, you can still do so despite having opted out by expressing your consent to take part in the research via your clinician or any contact email or phone number on a poster or leaflet. This will in no way affect your national or GP Opt out decision for other data

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