High risk choking foods

Avoid these textures if you are on a texture modified diet (IDDSI Level 3 – 6)

Hard foods: boiled sweets, nuts

Mixed thin/thick textures: cereal with milk, soup with food pieces

Dry foods: crackers, dry cake, bread

Crispy or crunchy food: crisps, flaky pastry

Pips, seeds, pith/inside skin, skins or shells: peas, grapes

Crumbly foods: biscuits, pie crust

Tough foods: steak, bacon

Skin, bone, or gristle

Floppy foods: lettuce, thinly sliced cucumber, spinach

Stringy foods: beans, rhubarb

Sticky foods: marshmallows, some cheeses

Juicy foods where the juice separates off in the mouth

I have difficulty swallowing food or drink