I have problems finding the words

You may have a condition called aphasia, which can affect a person’s ability to understand speech, speak, read and write. If you have aphasia you may have difficulty finding words.

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Imagine your brain stores words in filing cabinets. All your words are in cabinets arranged by how they sound and in categories. Now when you have word finding difficulties, it is as if the files have all been muddled.

Here are some strategies that you may find useful to practice whilst waiting your first speech and language therapy appointment. 

I can’t find a word

Use all the methods of communication available to you – gesture, facial expression, writing, key words, point to the letters

Use the alphabet board to spell out the first few letter of a word to help the listener




Alphabet board.png


Download alphabet board

Ways to support a conversation with someone with aphasia

Top tips for communication partners

Here are some activities that you may find useful to practice while waiting for your first appointment:

Apps for aphasia therapy

Apps can be useful to practice language, reading and writing. Use this table below for more information about how to find apps to help you with your speech, reading and writing.

Following assessment, the speech and language therapist may be able to loan you a therapy iPad to trial some of the apps to see if they are helpful.

My Therappy also has links to speech and language therapy apps. 


Awareness cards

You can show awareness cards to other people to help support your communication. Download and print off the cards below so you can cut them out and keep them with you.

Awareness cards.PNG

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