My speech sounds different

Your voice may sound quieter or lack clarity due to a medical condition or possible medical condition. Making it difficult to talk on the phone, to family and friends or in a group.

You can improve the way your voice sounds by using clear speech strategies, it will help you to feel confident and more in control.

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Clear speech strategies

Slow: slow your rate of speech down.

Loud: Talking louder makes it easier for others to hear you as you automatically take a deeper breath and slow down, helping improve your articulation.

Over articulate: opening your mouth wider to pronounce the word.

Pause: Take regular pauses use this as an opportunity to take a breath.

Remember SLOP

Here are list of exercises for you to practice using the SLOP strategies. Do these exercises daily.  

  1. Say your name, address, telephone number, date of birth
  2. Read aloud a section from a book, magazine or a poem. Remember to pause at the end of a sentence to top up with air.  
  3. Write down 10 regular phrases that you use on a daily basis and practise saying these
  4. Use have a conversation remembering to use the SLOP strategies
  5. Use your loud clear voice every time you talk. Remember to reduce background noise where possible and use eye contact.

LOUD Therapy

This is a video for our patients with Parkinson’s disease reminding you how to do voice exercises.

Doing these voice exercises every day is a way to have some control over your Parkinson’s disease and actively do something positive to achieve a normal speaking volume.

If you have Parkinson’s disease and would like to find out more about Loud Therapy, please contact the service.

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