Better Every Day Awards 2021 Roll of Honour

We received over 170 nominations this year. Here is a list of all those nominated in their respective categories. Congratulations to all!

Apprentice of the Year

Steph Hammond

Antonia Gabrielli

Wendy Josephs

Laura Sidney

Elaine Barber

Harry Coburn

Victoria Limm


Bank Worker Award

Biula Chipangura

Dorset Community Swabbing Service

Jean Bartlett

Graham Jeffries

Kate Hill

Karen Royles

Sue Cuff



Kelly Argent

Wendy Butcher

Diane England

Elizabeth (Liz) Ostling

Clare Marsh

Suzy Sparrow

Wendy Butcher

Claire McNally

Weymouth CRT team

Dr. Richard Charles-Chillcott

Multi disciplinary Team

Debbie Dawson

Helen Taylor

Becky Gale

Gillian Pocock

Kimmeridge Court Inpatient

Jenny Purcell

Carol Kirkman

Steve Dennis

Carole Whitton



Alison Chandler

Deanna Munnik

Michael Parker

Donna Jenkins

Val Jenkins

Emotional Health and Wellbeing Practitioners - Children in Care

Lulu Dajani

Charlie Allcock

Chris Anderton

Gill Norris

Janice Curtis

Chantelle Bonnor-Morris

Helen Force

Helen Pickard

Community Support Workers

Sarah Mills

Long-term Health Conditions Team

Employment Advice Service

Sharon Rowland

Zoe Ellison Wright

Westminster Memorial Hospital all staff in all departments

Jacqui Cave

Andrew Fisher

Nikki George

Tim Goodwin

Jack Amey

Adult Speech and Language Therapy Team

Amanda Manning (Mandy)

Hugh Miller

Cathy Murphy

Keith Fleming

Claire Carnall

Karen O'Gorman

Rob Carr

Helen Conyers

North Dorset CAMHS (Administration Team)



Cas Stanley

Chris Harris

Matthew Green

Clare marsh

Danielle Imeson

Rhona Passmore


Innovation and Improvement

Well Being practitioner team

Ann Jeffrey

Long term health condition team in steps to wellbeing

Community Pain service

Caron Stevens

Emma Kelleher

Adult Community Speech and Language  Therapy Team


Leadership and Management

Donna Kiss

Samantha Roberts

Natalie Fielding

Administration Team Leads - CYP Public Health Service

Stef thomas

Lucy Ashton

Jane Cole

Samantha Bristow

Lisa Marrow

Gary Billen

Sharon Turner

Theresa Sired

James Goodman

Deb Chase

Sarah Shapter

Sharon Greig

Shona Brooks

Helen Green

Angela Cosser

Natalie Scott

Daniel Norman

Jeanie Ellis

Ian Rodin

Louise Porter

Business Operations Team

Louise Welsh

Helen Twiselton

Julie Trent

Helen Hall

Hayley Finch

Julie Galton

Angie Cosser

Lynne Holmes

Lauren Dingley

Gemma Shone

Emma Spencer


Learner of the Year

Emily Daniels

Louisa Singleton

Peter Battershill

Paula Shepphard


Team of the Year

Trust Radiology (VHW and Swanage)

MIU and UTC staff

BCP Learning Disability Service

HR Services

Weymouth Community Mental Heath Older Persons Team.

ICSD East/West and Haymoor Day Hospital

Tarrant Ward

Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service

Business & Performance Covid Sitrep Team

Sherborne Community Nursing team

Mental Health Support Team in Schools

Systems training team

Pan Dorset Intellectual Disabilities (ID) CAMHS (ID CAMHS & The Swifts)


Infection Prevention and Control Team

Large Vaccination Centre

Minor Injury Units and the Weymouth Urgent Treatment Centre

Children in Care Health Team

Intellectual Disabilities CAMHS Pan Dorset

Home Treatment Team East

Stanley Purser Wd Team

Steps 2 Well Being Business Operations Team

IT service desk


Facilities - Trust wide

Memory Assessment Service

Linden and Waterston Team combined

Msk Physiotherapy Admin

Harbour Ward

Bournemouth North Health Visiting Team

CYP Public Health Service - Central Services Admin


Infection Prevention Control Team (IPC Team)


Volunteer Award

Jean Hamdorff and Myra Henville

Diane Bishop

Helpline Volunteers

Jason Edwards and Jennifer Grieve

Jeff White

WMH Shaftesbury Volunteer Gardening Team

Better Every Day Awards